Immigration Law

Do You Need an Experienced Immigration Attorney / Lawyer / Abogado in Sacramento?

If you or a family member wishes to talk with an Immigration Attorney / Lawyer / Abogado right here in Sacramento, we are ready to assist. You don’t need to go to San Francisco or Los Angeles to find a great Immigration Attorney. We are Acquest Law, and we help individuals and families from all over the world get a start in the United States. Every situation is unique, and we would like to hear your story. You can call us at 916-378-0259 or contact us online for an initial consultation.

We are very familiar with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rules and regulations, so when you call, we'll discuss your immigration situation and go over the legal options available to you.

Moving to the United States is a serious endeavor. For instance, you may have a new job here and are concerned about getting the proper work visa. You may also be worried about the costs and laws involved in bringing your spouse and children over so that you can be a family again.

At Acquest Law, we help you with the proper visa and/or work permit to meet your specific needs quickly and with minimal disruption to your life. We at Acquest Law are well aware of the stress and difficult process that exists with today's complicated immigration statutes. Acquest Law is a pro-active immigration law firm, staffed by professionals who themselves have immigrated to the United States, that has taken the steps necessary to say ahead of changes to provide immigration legal services at competitive rates.

Every day more and more people from different countries travel from one place to another, whether for vacation, for employment opportunities or to relocate to a new country. Traveling to the United States for a trip, a work assignment, to study or to live permanently is an exciting, but complicated adventure, as you will encounter immigration laws that may be very different from your home country. Our goal is to help you understand the immigration laws of the United States and to make your transition here as smooth as possible. It’s our job to help you, your family and employers take care of the immigration and naturalization processes, so you can focus on getting your new life off to a great start.

Acquiring legal status in the U.S., facing deportation, obtaining a visa, getting a green card or becoming a United States Citizen are just a few of the many aspects of immigration law that our Sacramento lawyers can help you with. Immigration and naturalization law is a labor-intensive area of the law, but one we believe is very important.

Contact our legal team to get the right answers the first time. We are experienced in immigration related issues. We address compliance with Department of Homeland Security (DHS), United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations and mandated procedures, temporary and permanent immigration status and employment based requirements. Whether you are looking for a work visa, moving here permanently or are trying to enter the United States as a student, we handle the immigration challenges so you can have a safe and comfortable transition for you and your family.

If you or a family member needs immigration law help in Sacramento or surrounding areas, contact us online or call us at 916-378-0259 to set up a consultation to discuss your immigration options.