How Do You File for Divorce in California?

As an individual you have the option to file for a divorce on your own in California courts and many courts offer online resources showing you how, but you will need to dedicate the time to understand the process in order to protect your interests. That’s where Acquest Law can help you. We handle divorces and other marriage actions and know how to navigate court proceedings. Divorces are complex and we understand what it takes to reach an equitable outcome. Give us a call at 916-378-0259 or contact us online for an initial consultation.

There are four types of marriage actions, which include Dissolution of Marriage, Dissolution of Domestic Partnership, Legal Separation, and Nullity:

  • Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce): A dissolution of marriage, which is more commonly known as divorce, terminates the marriage of the spouses and resolves issues between them, including child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, asset and debt division, former name restoration, and even restraining orders.

  • Dissolution of Domestic Partnership: Domestic partners are "two adults who have chosen to share one another's lives in an intimate and committed relationship of mutual caring."

  • Legal Separation: A legal separation is similar to dissolution of marriage or dissolution of a domestic partnership in terms of the range of issues that are resolved in the case, except that the parties remain legally married or registered to each other.

  • Nullity: A nullity case is more commonly known as an annulment of marriage or an annulment of the domestic partnership. This can only be requested based on very specific reasons as defined by the Court.

Divorce (dissolution) can be a highly emotionally charged and complex situation in California and we at Acquest Law work with you towards an equitable outcome for you and your family. We help you understand what to expect; to ease the stress at this trying time. Dedicated legal representation is important to navigate the complex divorce process in California courts and when you bring your case to us, we strive to quickly and compassionately represent you to obtain a fair outcome in your divorce.

Divorce is stressful and we at Acquest Law understand that making the decision to divorce is difficult. If you hire a lawyer to help with the divorce, you will need someone who is careful and pays attention to details. Every situation presents unique issues that require us to develop strategies specifically for your case to protect your rights throughout the divorce process. We advise, resolve, negotiate, and litigate as needed. As a full service divorce law firm, we handle the range of matters related to divorce with the goal of obtaining the best solution for our clients. Some of the elements of dissolution include:

  • Alimony and Spousal Support – Spousal support may be provided to either party as part of the divorce and the law governing spousal support is complex and detailed. The amount paid to the spouse depends on the facts of the case. If the spouses cannot agree on spousal support, then getting legal advice from an attorney can help you navigate the laws so you receive a fair and appropriate outcome.

  • Asset Division – The division of assets and debts in a divorce requires an analysis of information from both spouses, because factors that can affect the final property settlement must be documented for the Court. We look at whether the assets and debts are community or separate or whether an asset has been changed from separate to community property. Acquest Law works to determine that asset and debt division is reasonable and fair by evaluating the entire asset situation.

  • Child Custody and Timeshare – Child custody and child timeshare can be one of the most difficult aspects of going through a divorce, because it impacts more than the spouses; it impacts your children. This is an emotional and trying process and Acquest Law understands the sensitivity needed to address custody and timeshare. Sometimes spouses can agree on custody and timeshare and other times they can’t, and that’s when you will want to consult with a lawyer to help represent the best interests for your child and your family.

  • Child Support – Child support is computed pursuant to the California Guideline Child Support Calculator. Child Support is calculated upon the time a child spends with each parent, each parent’s gross income, and child related expenses. Contact us to discuss child support and to determine the process for setting the initial child support amount or to work to modify an existing child support order. In addition, if a parent who was ordered to pay child support has failed to make payments, contact us to discuss how to seek Court intervention to obtain the ordered child support.

  • Financial Disclosure – Before you can get a judgment to finish your divorce, you must disclose to your spouse/partner the nature and extent of all marital/partnership assets and debts. This is done by completing and serving the Declaration of Disclosure, Schedule of Assets and Debts, and Income and Expense Declaration on your spouse/partner.

We recommend that you have a consultation with a Divorce lawyer in our office before starting or finalizing your divorce. You may have important legal rights regarding spousal support, retirement accounts or deferred compensation, or other property rights. It is your responsibility to know your rights, or you may lose those rights forever. Choose Acquest Law to help you with the process. We are available online or call us at 916-378-0259 to set up your consultation to discuss your legal options.